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"At Industrial Alliance Securities, Team Besler has developed a culture of service excellence that is rarely duplicated by our competitors. We excel in adding the kind of value you expect from a business relationship while clearly relating to your personal values and lifestyle."

As Investment Advisors at Industrial Alliance Securities, an industry-leading wealth management firm, we have access to a global platform of resources that enables us to select the products and services that match the diverse financial needs of our clients.

We offer a complete range of investment advisory services, business owner services and wealth planning services including:

Please contact us to determine which products and services may be appropriate for you.

The Bull's Pen - Newsletter

"We ensure that our network of clients and business contacts are always kept informed about our latest investment recommendations."The Bull's Pen" is a financial advisory newsletter that is published by Team Besler to communicate our most current intelligent investment strategies."

The Bull's Pen

Team Besler focuses on developing intelligent investment strategies for our clients. We recognize that in today's rapidly changing investment climate timing can be critical. To keep our clients informed, we implement an innovative approach to communicating our ideas. Our financial advisory letter, "The Bull's Pen" is available free of charge to our clients and other professionals who wish to follow our latest recommendations and strategies.

Current and previous issues of "The Bull's Pen" are available below:

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Publications Library

"The core of Team Besler's value proposition is the extensive and diverse knowledge base we deliver to our clients. We frequently publish our strategies and solutions available worldwide through a variety of media."

In 2012, Peter Besler was offered the opportunity to write a regular column on investing for Mining Markets Magazine. The magazine is published by The Northern Miner - the world's leading mining publication. His column, "Investor's Corner", was recognized as achieving both most-read and most-recommended status.

We recommend the following noteworthy articles and videos by Peter Besler:

Our clients, receive full access to our most current investment solutions specific to their needs. We focus on being fully informed on both the global investment climate and the individual investments we recommend. Please feel free to contact us for information on any concerns you may wish to discus.

Tax Advantaged Investing

Team Besler believes that Canada is the most preferred place to live in the world. However, our quality of life is costly to maintain. Canadians experience some of the highest tax rates in the world. In Ontario, the top marginal bracket is 46.41%. Our challenge is to build wealth when nearly half of one's income goes to taxes. As part of our services, our clients benefit from our dedication to finding investments and strategies which help reduce taxes payable and maximize after-tax returns.

These opportunities may include:

Team Besler works with a number of professionals who are qualified to provide tax advice. Please contact us for a detailed discussion to help understand if we may be of service to you.

Media Coverage

"The core of Team Besler's value proposition is the extensive and diverse knowledge base we deliver to our clients. We frequently publish our strategies and solutions available worldwide through a variety of media."

Having gained the respect of industry peers and associates, Peter Besler is frequently consulted by the media to provide expertise on a variety of investment related subjects.

We recommend the following noteworthy articles and video interviews about Peter Besler:

Retirement Investing

Peter Besler is an astute professional who maintains close contact with each of his clients and achieved EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) certification in order to better understand and service mature investors. The Elder Planning Counselor plays a very important part in dealing with elders on a financial, social or health basis. An Elder Planning Counselor will be expected to adhere to the CIEPS Code of Professional Ethics. The objective of the Code of Professional Ethics is to specify and set forth the means to enforce the minimum ethical conduct expected of all Members as professionals and to facilitate voluntary compliance with the standards considerably higher than the required minimums. The integrity of the EPC is uncompromising and will at all times reflect the highest principles and standards to be followed. Adhering to the Code of Professional Ethics is mandatory for all EPC designees and its provisions are strictly enforced. Peter Besler is proud of achieving Elder Planning Counselor certification and maintains his membership in the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies in order to more effectively serve clients over 50 years of age.

Peter Besler recommends the following resources on retiremnt:

Please contact Peter Besler to discus any questions you may have about your retirement needs.

Reference Centre

"We believe that you deserve Investment Advisors who share your vision, earn your trust and work relentlessly to help you attain the life you desire for you and your family."

Team Besler focuses on preserving and protecting your capital while utilizing our competitive advantages in the investing process to enhance the growth potential of your investment portfolio. This philosophy is intended to improve the predictability of returns while reducing the corresponding level of risk. We deliver competitive advantages in all major categories of the investing process.

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As our client, your peace of mind is important to us and we strive to address any concern you may have immediately. We encourage you to contact us anytime if you require further information or assistance. Please feel free to contact us 24/7.

Current Focus

Respected for his informed opinions and unique writing style, Peter Besler has been asked to provide an expert opinion on investing. Our focus list provides clients with the latest in media coverage featuring Peter Besler.

About Team Besler

"At Industrial Alliance Securities, Team Besler specializes in providing experienced wealth preservation solutions which lower portfolio risk and reduce taxes. Investors who benefit most from this approach are those who value predictable solid returns and peace of mind."

For more detailed information about us please take a moment to view our Team Besler brochure.

Peter Besler

Investment Advisor

Peter Besler has over 29 years experience as an investment advisor and over 12 years experience as a senior officer and head office branch manager in the securities industry. Utilizing his extensive knowledge, Peter developed a top ranked investment advisor training program and successfully trained over 200 professionals to become investment advisors. Peter focuses on wealth preservation through risk reduction and advises most of his clients using a precise and disciplined approach. Peter maintains close contact with each of his clients and achieved EPC (Elder Planning Counselor) certification in order to better understand and service mature investors. Peter takes the time to clearly explain his recommendations in order to ensure each of his clients understands and is comfortable with their investment choices.

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Executive Assistant

***NEW*** Team Besler is currently reinventing our approach to customer service. Using our extensive experience in the financial services industry, we are creating an innovative approach to the way we service our clients. This includes expanding our Team and the services we provide. We believe that our clientele will be both appreciative and highly impressed with the improvements we will make. We estimate this expansion to continue into mid 2015. In the interim, please contact us for further information.

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Project Manager

Our Advisors have the autonomy and flexibility to find solutions corresponding to your profile. Your Advisor knows you well and always keeps in mind your concerns in order to reach your financial goals. In order to provide you with the quality of service you require, there may be a number of key team members working dilligently behind the scenes to support your advisor. These key team members are dedicated to ensuring our team can remain focused on delivering your value proposition.

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"As wealth advisors, we seek to understand our clients broadly and deeply enough to find opportunities that add value not only to their financial needs, but also to their life aspirations."

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